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CREATING A SOCIETY FOR ALL: Re-considering Early Childhood Services

10-12 October, 2014, Budapest, Hungary

ISSA invites you to participate in an international conference for shared learning and a joint exploration to re-consider early childhood services for children from birth through primary school. The event will draw together reform experiences from the last 20 years, as well as innovations, evidence and practices in early childhood systems. Practitioners, researchers, policy makers, parents and NGOs from Europe and Central Asia will be joined by peers from around the globe.

The conference will mark the 20th anniversary of the Open Society Foundations’ Step by Step Program and the 15th anniversary of ISSA.

You may find more details in the flyer.

If you would like to receive information about the conference, write to or visit

Animated history of Roma, Gypsies and Travellers

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Dear friends and colleagues,

Our short animation is now live on the Open Society website:

Roma, Gypsy and Traveller identity is misappropriated and misrepresented everyday for everything from profit to politics. The success of television shows like “Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”—whose new series starts today in the UK—highlights the need to intervene in this one-sided portrayal. Today Open Society Foundations in conjunction with Damn Fine Media launches a short, three minute animated film on the history of Roma, Gypsies and Travellers—an important part of the rich identity of these groups and the story of Europe. Primarily aimed at young adult viewers, the film presents a lively, animated account of Roma history from the tenth century and their migration from India, right up to the present day.

Please take a moment to watch our short animation, share it with your friends, colleagues and join the conversation in our comments section by telling us what you think; I’m sure the discussion will be a lively one. Other versions in Welsh, Bulgarian, Czech, Romanian and Hungarian are being produced and will be available shortly. 

Successful REYN Launch – What Next?

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We all feel very happy and inspired after the successful Launch in Opatija. It is also very encouraging to see the enthusiasm from all those who took part in it or have heard about it! As an immediate next step, we invite all of you to share your thoughts, dilemmas and insights via posts in this Blog. As another step, before we can organize other in-person meetings, we invite everyone to join the REYN Group on the ISSA Online Community. Please send an email to Once you are on that virtual space, you can create your Profile (so others can see your professional interests), access the library, start discussions, upload photos/videos etc. In ISSA and OSF we are now finalizing work on a REYN budget next year so that we can organize site visits and trainings. And we look forward to a great deal of online interaction and exchanges in the meantime!