Slovakian Play Hubs

Spišský Hrhov

In Spišský Hrhov the Play Hub is situated in the local primary school and is accessible for the whole day to the students. In the morning, support to the school activities is provided; in the afternoon, it becomes a play space for families and children.

The Play Hub is equipped with brand new furniture, lots of books and news toys. The activities that are organized have become popular among people both from the Roma and from the majority community in the village.

The Play Hub has 225 members, half of which have Roma origins. The activities organized are crafts, cinema club, baking, cooking, intergenerational activities and fine arts. At the same time parents can benefit from parental support.

For the families the opening hours are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 15:00 to 18:00.


The village of Roškovce, in eastern Slovakia, hosts a large marginalized Roma community that rarely comes in contact with the majority population. The children in the village do not have access to early childhood facilities as nursery or kindergarten – that also due to a lack of trust that parents have in the services provided by the majority group. Children often start school unprepared, with a very basic knowledge of the national language, often lacking basic hygienic and healthy habits.

With the support of the mayor, the Play Hub is now open twice a week under the guidance of educators and volunteers. In addition to the regular lessons, joint activities, workshops, and charity events are being organized. Currently, the Play Hub is visited by more than 100 children and 60 parents. Children from Roškovce frequently visit the primary Spišský Hrhov to be able to meet peers from the majority population.

These Pay Hubs were made possible thanks to Skola Dokoran, REYN National Coordinator in Slovakia. For more information you can contact Miroslav Sklenka or Peter Strážik.