Croatian Play Hubs


In Sisak the Play Hub is located in the primary school of Braća Bobetko. Many children go there after school. There is a large Roma community in Sisak, 2.165 Roma people out of a total population of 61.497. Children from the Roma settlements in the surroundings also join the Play Hub activities.

The Play Hub was opened by the mayor Kristina Baniček and by Klara Perković, mayor of the children’s city council. The opening ceremony was highly attended by the local community: children, parents, grandparents and volunteers. The municipality of Sisak has also produced a booklet to promote the project.

The Play Hub opens on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00.


Orehovica is a municipality in Međimurje County with 2.685 inhabitants (1.965 adults and 720 children). A large Roma community lives in this municipality (18,9 percent of the whole population), many of them are unemployed.

Most Roma speak Croatian as a second language and Bayash language as first. According to the given data, all children are enrolled in both preschool and school but retention and attendance rates are lower than country average. The Play Hub is located in the primary school and opens twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. It organizes stay and play sessions, reading aloud activities, arts and crafts, workshops for parents.

The creation of the Play Hubs in Croatia was made possible thanks to the REYN National Coordinator in Croatia Korak Po Korak. For more information you can contact Sanja Brajković.